Spiritual Engineering Mission —

So much of the design world is shrouded in mystery and exclusionary tactics. Overpriced software and hoarding of information make it difficult for many to have the same access to create. This site is designed for open information sharing regarding these tools and practices. The Spiritual Engineering Institute exists to level the playing field.

This site is running on Are.na which allows for open contribution. If you have a tool, PDF, or technique, feel free to add to the most recent issue of SE.


Step One —

Navigate to the latest issue of Spiritual Engineering via the contribute link above!

Step Two —

Paste a link, image, PDF, or any other file into the "new block" section of the site. Click add block to add it to the latest issue.

Step Three —

Click into your new block and click "edit block" to change the title and description if you feel like it! Sometimes auto-generated info isn't always the most useful description of a site.